What’s new

Get an overview over the latest additions to ClickLearn Universe.


Released 21 September, 2022

New features

New Mission is Live Now !

  • A new mission ‘Structure in ClickLearn Attain’ has been introduced. This course teaches users how to organize and give structure to their learning materials in ClickLearn Attain.


  • The navigation menu has been optimized.
  • All badge icons have been optimized.
  • Centered alignment has been applied to badges, points, and mission statistics on the public profile page.

Version 1.0.03

Released 1 August, 2022

New features

  • New Mission is Live Now !
    A new mission ‘Collaborating in ClickLearn Attain’ has been introduced. This course teaches users how to effectively collaborate with a team of authors in ClickLearn Attain.
  • New hover effects have been implemented across the Universe site, making clickable elements more apparent and user experience more engaging.


  • The issue in the search functionality when searching using popular tags would not show any results has been fixed.
  • The page responsiveness issue on the Signup page which would be triggered by changing screen resolution has been fixed.


Released 5 July, 2022

New features

  • A new ‘What’s new’ page has been introduced where all news related to the ClickLearn Universe platform can be found. The page can be accesses from inside the “Help?” button in the bottom right corner.
  • When filling out their profiles, users can now select their country from a dropdown list.
  • A new design has been implemented for the navigation menu in mobile view.


  • Error pages have been customized to display specific error messages based on underlying error causes.
  • The issue with showing a wrong error message when resetting the password has been resolved.
  • Module and mission icons are now clickable. Clicking the icons will redirect users to the pages with relevant learning content.
  • The issue of not opening search results with HTML text has been resolved.
  • The issue of the Universe development environment URL appearing in search results above the Production URL has been resolved.
  • The ‘Manage Accounts’ page becomes automatically updated when users who have previously linked their ClickLearn account with their Universe account lose access to ClickLearn (i.e., when their ClickLearn license expires).
  • The issue with copying content from the Universe website has been resolved.
  • The user experience issue related to hiding and showing the password has been resolved.
  • A validation engine has been put in place to prevent users from generating public profile URLs unless their first and last name are valid (i.e., they do not contain special characters).
  • A success criterion (Project name) of an Attain hands-on assessment was to a large extent catering for Microsoft Dynamics audience and did not resonate with users unfamiliar with Microsoft Dynamics. Therefore, the criterion has been replaced with a generic one. This change does not impact the points and achievement of any users who have already completed the assessment.


Released 8 June, 2022

New features

  • The experience of retaking quizzes has been updated. Users can now attempt quizzes as many times as they need, until they successfully complete them.

  • The experience of retaking hands-on Attain assessments has been updated.
    Users can now retake hands-on assessments whenever they like.

  • The point system has been updated. Users can now earn 500 points for completing a hands-on assessment. To successfully complete a hands-on assessment, users need to meet all listed success criteria. Quizzes have a sliding points scale, i.e., users who get all answers right on the first attempt earn 100 points, the second attempt earns 50 points, and the third and later attempts earn 25 points. NB: The points of the users who had completed quizzes and assessments prior to the point system update are going to be reassigned in accordance with the new point system.

  • Progress on modules and missions is now based on the number of completed learning units out of the total number of learning units.


  • The design issue in the footer in the mobile view has been resolved.

  • The design issue in a module icon is now resolved.

  • Clicking the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link now brings users directly to the page with Universe-specific Terms and Conditions.

  • The issue with the misalignment of the rank number and the icon has been resolved.

  • The issue with showing a notification after the completion of a hands-on assessment has been resolved.

  • The issue of text shuffling inside an interactive visual has been resolved.

  • The issue with copying the public profile URL has been resolved.

  • The issue of assessment success criteria not updating correctly has been resolved.