ClickLearn Attain – The Learning Resources


In this learning unit, you will be able to identify the various learning resources available for getting acquainted with ClickLearn Attain.  

Learning objectives

  • Get an overview of the different learning resources for ClickLearn Attain. 
  • Identify the specific purpose for each of these learning resources. 


Debbie informs Edward that just as ClickLearn Attain helps authors to create learning content in an easy fashion, similarly there is a vast library of learning resources available for the authors to meet their training needs.  

Let us have a look at these.

ClickLearn Learning Resources

ClickLearn Community
The ClickLearn Community is a place where ClickLearn customers can learn more about ClickLearn, engage with fellow ClickLearn users, submit feature requests, and stay up to date with developments inside the application. There are regular live events, peer exchange, and cool Did You Know facts as well.  

If you want to delve into some technical stuff, then the community has “Morten’s Corner” for you. The section showcases some useful articles from Morten – our senior support consultant. The articles provide some useful tips and tricks that help you solve the bottlenecks that you might face while working with ClickLearn Attain.  
Join the conversation | Clicklearn Community 

ClickLearn Universe 
ClickLearn Universe is the training academy for ClickLearn Attain that provides guidance on its core functionality.  It provides micro learning units catering to the beginner level to the expert level users of ClickLearn Attain. 

There are missions and modules that explain each feature of ClickLearn Attain right from the concept behind it to how it helps to solve your real-life documentation issues.  

In addition, it also provides some soft skills courses to help you improve your authoring skills.  

ClickLearn Portal (Coming soon) 
This is the learning portal for ClickLearn Attain. The portal provides short learning videos for demonstrating each procedure in ClickLearn Attain. It is a step-by-step guidance for ClickLearn users for learning each procedure in ClickLearn Attain.  

The learning videos also provide some additional instructions and notes for each procedure.  

ClickLearn YouTube channel 
The channel has a vast library of ClickLearn videos, that gives users an overview of the application. The videos also talk about some customer success stories and how ClickLearn can be used to record applications on various platforms, such as IFS, Business Central, and Dynamics 365.  

Additionally, the videos also guide on how to perform some specific procedures in ClickLearn Attain. 
ClickLearn - YouTube 

Morten’s Corner
If you are interested to get some technical insight into ClickLearn Attain’s features, you can access “Morten’s Corner” on the ClickLearn Community and YouTube channel.   

Morten’s Corner brings to you some useful tips and tricks that help you solve the technical issues that you might face while working with ClickLearn Attain.  
Morten's Corner | Clicklearn Community 

ClickLearn Assist 
This is your go to helper whenever you are stuck while trying out a new process in ClickLearn Attain. You can access Assist directly from your application and it will guide you step by step on the process that you are performing. 

With this In-app assistance, you will never be concerned about making mistakes while using the application.