Publishing your learning content


At the end of this learning unit, the learner will be able to get an overview of the various publishing options available in ClickLearn Attain.

Learning objectives

  • Know about the various publishing options in ClickLearn Attain
  • Select the suitable publishing platform

Debbie informs Nancy that once authors create and segregate the learning content, the final step in the process is to publish this content to the learning portal to make it available to the learners.

Let us have a look at the various publishing and content deployment options available in ClickLearn Attain.

Why do you publish?

Making good documentation requires an investment in time and resources. When you are done with creating your training content or documentation, you need to publish the content to make it accessible for your learners. 

ClickLearn Attain helps you do this by providing a wide variety of deployment options for your content, ranging from a learning portal, Share Point, to content cloud.  Based on your needs and preferences, you can select one or multiple deployment platforms that are best suited for your learners.


Once the publishing is done, you can see the deployment links. You can also see them in the publishing settings after publishing is done.

Publishing your content

To publish content, navigate to the Projects screen, where you can see the content project that you had just created. Open the project to see your recordings in the project on the Recordings screen. 

Click the Publishing icon from the left panel to display the Publishing screen, with the various options available for publishing content. 

If you have not already created a structure for the learning portal, you get the option to create one on the Publishing screen. To read more about creating a structure, you can visit the “Creating Basic Structure” learning unit.

You can select multiple deployment options for publishing your content. The ContentCloud option is generally the most used option to publish content. Each of these deployment options will be explained in detail in the “Publishing” mission.

You also get the choice of keeping a track of your published content. 

While publishing, you get a report of any errors or warnings that you need to resolve before publishing your content on the Publishing report screen. You can click on the respective links to resolve these so that the content can be published smoothly.

Finally, when you click the Publish button, she gets a confirmation screen that the content is live, and you can use the links provided to distribute your content. The publishing settings that you selected on the way are listed in the right panel. You can review and change these if required.

The selected deployment options also have links to the respective guides that explain in detail the process of deploying learning content to the given platform.

You can define settings for your produced content and the publishing template. Read about these in detail in the “Defining Settings” mission.