Creating segments in a structure


At the end of this learning unit, the learner will learn how to create segments and share a structure in ClickLearn Attain. 

Learning objectives

  • Define segments in a structure
  • Share a structure 

Debbie tells Nancy that authors may need to segregate the content into relevant sections and headings based on the skills and experience level of the employees. It is not always a good idea to share all the content of your learning portal with each employee of the organization. Only the employees for whom the content is relevant should have access to it.

They may also want to share a structure with their team mates to reuse it to save time.

Defining segments for a specific content

You can define some advanced properties, such as segmentation for the components that you add in your structure.  Segmentation enables you to create different sections or segments within the content based on the intended audience for that content. 

A segment is a section in your learning content that is targeted for some specific users. You can mark any specific content into different sections and then define the access rights for these sections or segments. As such segments can be used as a tool for targeting content. 

For example, you have created some content for the marketing team and want only the marketing employees to view the content. You can select these topics and define the name and email id of the marketing team in the Create a new segment dialog box. By doing so, only the marketing team will have access to the selected topics.

By using segments, you get deployable links for your content that you can share with your end users. Once you publish the learning content, you can see the deployment links on the publishing screen. You can also view these links in the publishing settings after the content is published.

If you create two segments, for example, sales and human resources, you can decide and send specific content deployment links to end users in these segments by separate e-mails. 

The segments that you create in your learning portal structure, can also be used in your statistics to track content. These will be visible in the Statistics section of ClickLearn Studio for detailed and individual statistics. This will be covered in detail in the “Publishing” mission.

The Segmentation box in the Advanced section on the right allows you to define who can view the selected content. 


Share the Structure

Another useful feature in the Structure functionality, is sharing a structure. This is especially useful while collaborating on a project. This helps to save time and maintain consistency when multiple authors are working on a project. 

You can share the structure with your teammates by using the Share feature. When you click the Share button at the top of the screen, you can see the Share with a colleague dialog box. 

You can choose whether you want to share the link for the structure yourself or if you want ClickLearn to share the link on your behalf.  You can also select the duration for which the link will be valid. The link will be shared on the email addresses specified by you. 

We will discuss this in detail in the “Collaboration” learning unit.