Editing your recording


At the end of this learning unit, you will get an overview of the three basic editors in ClickLearn Attain.

Learning objectives

  • Get an introduction to the three basic editors in ClickLearn Attain
  • Explain the function of each editor
  • Identify which editor to be used in a specific situation

Debbie explains to Nancy that in most scenarios, you will need to edit your recording once you have recorded the business process. You may need to add or delete steps, add do’s and don’ts or maybe some conceptual information. You may also consider adding information about the business processes and make sure that the end user knows exactly why this IT-process is important and how it fits into the bigger picture.

ClickLearn Attain has specific editors for all such requirements that help you do the required changes.

Editor Overview

To access the editor, you open your project so you can see the list of recordings. In each recording line you will see the Edit button. Simply click the Edit button or double-click on the recording to access the editor. You can also select the Edit option from the context menu of a recording.

Working with the Editor

ClickLearn Attain provides multiple editors –Written, Video, Assist, Flow and Data, which you can use as per your editing needs. In this learning unit, we will only talk about the three basic editors, Written, Video, and Assist.

The editor that you will use most extensively is the Written editor. Here, you can do all the necessary changes to your recording and the changes will be reflected into all the content that you choose to produce with ClickLearn. In other words, you only need to do the changes to your recording once. 

It is recommended that you stick to the Written editor when editing your recordings and primarily use the Video- and Assist Editor to preview the result that you get from your changes.

The Written editor

In the Written editor, you will have your steps listed in the left part of the screen, and in the right part you will see a preview of the produced content. The preview is based on the recording and the template chosen, and it will change depending on which editor you are in.

In the editor, you have easy access to functionality in the toolbar just below the editor choices and if you right-click on any of the steps you will have some other options.

Some of the basic options are to cut, copy and paste steps which enable you to change the order of your steps or add/remove a step. There are also options available to add a text block, section, group, keyboard text, screenshot, or a question. All these options are also available when you right-click a step.

Copying steps from one recording to another is also an option. Open the two recordings simultaneously and do a simple copy-paste of the required steps.

Excluding steps

You might be in the situation where you are not sure if you want to delete a step or not. In that case you can exclude step from a recording which will remove the step from the recording, but you will be able to get the step back if you need to.

In the right-click menu you can choose the specific exclusion options. When you “Exclude from written content” in the written editor it will only be excluded from the written material and if you choose to “Inclusion options” you can specify from which production formats you want to exclude.

Each step in the recording can be edited. You can either right-click and choose “Edit” or double-click on a step. Alternatively, you can click the Edit icon on the right side of a step. Both options will display a new screen where you can choose what you want to edit. There are also options available to change the view for the step - Image, Text or both options at once.

Please note that changing the text will require extra manual maintenance going forward, as it will overwrite the logic captured by ClickLearn.

You can edit all elements in the structure tree, and all changes that you do in the Written editor will reflect into all the produced content. You will be able to see the changes that you do directly in the editor preview.

You can change the cropped area for the image if you want to change screenshot to include a larger or smaller area.

In the “Image editor” you can also choose to blur sensitive information. Once you are done editing the step you click “Save changes” to exit the step editing.

I case you need to work with multiple recordings at once you can easily open more than one recording, but the limit is 5 recordings in one session.

Grouping steps together is also helpful if you have multiple steps that are in the same screen. This will both compress the work instruction and create a nicer overview for the learner.
Start by marking the steps that you want to group together and then click on the grouping button.

Select the options in the Add a new group dialog box and save. Once the grouping has been saved it will appear in the elements in the left part of the screen.

Annotated Screenshots

While recording you have the option of taking annotated screenshots, which will record the full screen with all options and actions in the screen. This is done in the recorder by pressing the camera icon in the recording panel.

Once the annotated screenshot is taken, it can also be edited in the Written Editor. In the list of steps, you can see how many active areas ClickLearn has recorded for the screen and at the end of the annotation you can choose to edit the screenshot.

Press the pen to edit…and then click on Annotation editor.

In the editor, you can choose the steps that you want to add to the screenshot and then also add more text to the step.

In the preview, you simply click into the active area, and it is added to the list. Then you can easily add your own instructional text to the step.

Once you are done, you simply save your changes.

The steps that have been added will show in the editor and you will see a change in the numbering.

The annotated screenshot is an easy way of creating a complete overview of a screen.

The Video editor

In the Video editor, you can do specific changes to the videos that ClickLearn produces but primarily you should use this role to see the preview of the video content. For example, you can remove the narration or subtitles, change the timing, or insert pauses before proceeding to the next step. These changes will only be seen in the videos.

In the preview mode, you can see the preview of all the video formats.

Choose what you want to preview from the menu where you can switch between Show me, Try me, and Test me formats.

The Assist editor

In the Assist editor, you can see exactly how the ClickLearn Assist will appear on top of the application that the learner wants guidance for. This preview will show all the changes that you do in the Written editor. 

In this mode, you can only do changes that will affect the ClickLearn Assist. Each step can be edited one by one – double-click on the step to do changes.

In the next screen, you can edit the text. This is the same as in the Written editor and will affect all content.

You can also choose how to advance in the step by selecting the required option from the drop-down menu.

Moreover, you can also choose to exclude the step from the assist content.