Create a Content Project


At the end of this learning unit, the learner will be able to create a content project in ClickLearn Attain with the appropriate settings.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a ClickLearn content project
  • Select the required settings for a ClickLearn content project

Debbie has already guided Edward about the concept of projects that a user can create in ClickLearn Attain. She also explained briefly about the different type of project types available.  

On Edward’s request, Debbie walks him through the process of creating a content project

Create a Content Project

On the Projects screen, click the Create project button to start creating your first project. While creating the project, select the Project type, which will be Content project in this case.

Moving forward, provide some basic information about yourself like your role and expertise with ClickLearn. 

The Team setup screen lets you collaborate with other authors while working on this project. You can choose the Let me decide later option to invite your team mates later to the project.  Inviting users and assigning roles and responsibilities will be covered later in the Collaboration module. 

Then, you can select the relevant connectors with their versions that you want to use in your project. Please note that only those connectors for which you have the license for will be displayed on the Connectors screen. To know more about the connectors, visit the Languages and Connectors  learning unit. 

If you select any of the IFS connectors, you also get the option to import the IFS scope. 

You can then choose from a range of deployment options where you want to deploy your content onto, the languages to include, and template as per any customization requirements. Currently, only the Classic template is available and selected by default. However, more templates will be added soon.  

Finally, on the Confirmation screen of Create Project, you can select an icon and color for the project depending upon the business requirements. Specify a name and short description that best suits your project, and you are all set to get started.  

You will be directed to the Recordings screen, where you can start creating your first recording.

If required, you can select or modify the settings specified while creating the project by using the options on the Project Settings screen.