Setting up ClickLearn Attain


At the end of this learning unit, the learner will be able to know about how to set up ClickLearn Attain with the appropriate settings.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the settings required for setting up ClickLearn Attain. 
  • Explain the importance of selecting the correct settings.

After learning about the project languages and connectors, Edwards is curious to know about the settings that enable ClickLearn Attain to function efficiently. Debbie is happy to guide her friend on this as she wants him to have a smooth journey with ClickLearn Attain.

Setting up to Record Correctly

After installing ClickLearn Attain, you need to do certain settings that would enable you to record your business processes correctly and get the desired output.

The first and foremost setting is to set the screen scaling to 100%. You can do this from the Display settings on your desktop. 

If you are using multiple monitors, the scaling should be set to 100% for all of these. 

Once you change the scaling, you would need to restart your computer or log off and on again to apply the settings.

Installing Extensions to Record Web Applications

For recording Web applications, the Web connector requires two supporting applications – the Chrome extension and the ClickLearn Native Messaging Host. 

The ClickLearn Native Messaging Host is installed automatically when you install ClickLearn Attain. However, you need to install the extensions for Chrome and/or Edge browsers from the respective stores. Below are the links for these.

Microsoft Edge extension
Google Chrome extension

The Native Messaging host enables the ClickLearn recorder, replay function and ClickLearn Assist to run smoothly. It is the communication link between the browser extension and the recorder process. 

Debbie tells Edward that if you ensure setting up the above two things properly, you will have a smooth recording experience.