All the wonderful things you can do with ClickLearn Attain


In this learning unit, you will be introduced to ClickLearn Attain and will also be shown an overview of its USPs and various learning formats.

Learning objectives

  • Get an overview of ClickLearn Attain.
  • Discover how ClickLearn Attain helps you create learning materials for business system adoption.
  • Identify the various learning formats available in ClickLearn Attain. 


HAC is a New Jersey based company involved in design, manufacturing, and distribution of soft magnetic components. The organization has over 1000 employees working in various divisions, such as purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources. The company uses an ERP software system to manage and integrate the important parts of their business.

Edward is the Training Head in the organization. His team is responsible for creating and implementing the training and development programs for the employees.

Creating such training materials for your workforce can be a tedious task. It will involve writing the processes manually, taking the relevant screenshots, highlighting, and describing each step and finally making this available on your Intranet, which is generally not used much. A bigger problem arises when the system upgrades and you need to do this process all over again.

Edward wants to make the process faster and smoother, also reducing the cost and effort involved in updating the documentation every time there is an update in the ERP software.  

His friend, Debbie, who leads a team of authors in another organization that uses ClickLearn for their documentation, recommends ClickLearn Attain to him.

Edward is curious to know more about ClickLearn Attain and how he can use the application to streamline and scale the documentation process.

Read on as Debbie talks about the USPs of ClickLearn Attain and how it makes your documentation process faster, better, and easier. 

How ClickLearn helps you resolve your documentation pain points

The main pain area with IT training is, that there may be money and resources available while creating the training, but when it comes to system upgrade, there is no team or money available. The cost of having up-to-date training materials for your processes is high, whether you are spending on conducting training for new workforce or teaching processes that are not used frequently. 

ClickLearn not only helps you create training materials and documentation by speeding up the process, but also delivers on the proposition of upgrading your training material with minimal effort as your business systems change. 

There is nothing that ClickLearn delivers, that you could not deliver manually, but it does so in a fraction of the time that you would normally spend on the process. It provides fast and reliable results delivered in your corporate style.  

In addition, ClickLearn helps you keep the cost of updating your training materials minimal. The replay functionality keeps your training materials current with every update in your business system with minimum investment in time and effort. 

What is ClickLearn Attain?

ClickLearn Attain is a solution with which authors can record business processes in IT systems. The application runs on Microsoft Windows and must be installed on the client computer which runs the application.  

The combination of recording and replaying is what truly makes ClickLearn Attain unique. ClickLearn Attain is the only system available, that allows you to create and maintain cross-platform, cross applications recordings. 

Creating a 24/7 e-learning platform with multiple learning formats, built-in-tracking and full search mechanism is just a matter of few clicks with ClickLearn Attain.  

7 formats of learning

Based on your recordings of the business processes, ClickLearn Attain creates the content for you that can be produced in 7 different learning formats. These formats help you cater to all types of learning needs of your learners and enable them to choose their preferred learning format. The produced formats depend both on your settings in ClickLearn Attain and the template settings.

HTML documentation

The HTML or online documentation is the format of the learning portal and is also the hub for all other learning formats. It is a step by step guide, which shows all the recorded steps and any additional information that the author of the learning material has added to the recording file. The file format is viewable on any device and displays all the instructions in a written format.

Word and PDF documentation

ClickLearn can produce documentation in .pdf or .docx (Word) formats that you can download for printing and sharing. The Word and the pdf documents are similar to the HTML document and will show the same text, images, and highlighted areas. These documents will also have a header and a footer.

PowerPoint presentation

ClickLearn can also produce a PowerPoint format that you can download and use for classroom training. Your company branding is included as a standard and all the images and text are the perfect size for screen or projector.

The PowerPoint slides will be full screenshots with the same highlighted areas as in the other written documentation. The steps are displayed with the text beneath each of the slides.

This format is very useful for showing the business processes on the big screen, for example in a classroom training or system demos where you do not want the system to fail.

Show Me Video

ClickLearn produces a video walk through of the process you have recorded. This is a “Show Me” video which is a HTML demo video with narration and subtitles with automatic, high quality, digital narration in your language of choice. This format is basically playable on any device (iPhone, tablets etc.) and can be produced in several video formats.

Try Me Video

The “Try Me” video is an interactive simulation of your work environment. ClickLearn believes that a complete learning experience must be complimented with hands-on-experiences.

The “Try Me” offers that important component in a full learning experience, by offering the learner the opportunity to try the process in a safe, simulated environment with no chances of errors.

The “Try Me” can replace a sandbox system. These HTML-video formats can also be produced as SCORM packages and uploaded to a SCORM- compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

Test Me Video

Similar to the Try Me video, this interactive simulation of your work environment allows you to test your learning without the hints. The “Test Me” prompts the learner to test their abilities to complete the process without any hints or guidance. The learners get a detailed evaluation once they complete the test process.

The “Test Me” video is a key component to proving that the process has been properly taught and that the end user is able to navigate the system. You can use this to prove that knowledge transfer between the author and the learner has taken place for a particular process.

ClickLearn Assist

Last but certainly not the least learning format is the ClickLearn Assist - your “go to helper” whenever you are stuck with any process, or for trying out a new process safely on the live system. ClickLearn Assist is the virtual assistant which can guide the learner in a business process from start to end. It is accessible from directly within your business application. You never need to worry about making a mistake again with ClickLearn Assist.

The purpose of ClickLearn Assist is to explain the processes, where there is a difficulty in knowledge transfer, such as:

  1. Infrequently used processes like travel expenses, end of the year processes, and so on are difficult to train the users in.
  2. Processes, such as calculating end-of-year balances that are difficult to remember because of user experience problems or because there is little practical training available to support the theoretical training.
ClickLearn Assist for Windows Applications

For ClickLearn Assist to work properly for Windows applications, it requires the Windows connector to be installed on the users' computer. Windows connector is always included with ClickLearn Studio, which means that while using any Windows application, such as Business Central or IFS, the user can start using the Assist right away.

ClickLearn Assist for Web Applications

For ClickLearn Assist to work properly for Web applications (other than MS Dynamics 365), it requires users to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. Depending on the browser that they are using, users also need to install the ClickLearn Assist Chrome or Edge extension. As long as the license holds the web connector it will work - if you need for example Salesforce, then your ClickLearn license must include Salesforce.