Defining a Publishing Template

Learning objectives

  • Define a publishing template
  • Select a publishing template
  • Create a publishing template



We added all the basic components, recordings, and assets to the project structure. Is it also possible to have some customized presentation style that is applied to all the published content?

Of course! You can easily create a publishing template or use the preexisting ones to give a customized uniform look to the content on your learning portal. Let us see how we can do this.


Why Publishing Template?

A publishing template is an easy and efficient way to customize the presentation of your learning content. By investing time and effort in creating a publishing template once, you would not need to worry about formatting the content later.

A publishing template helps in maintaining consistency by providing a pre-defined structure and layout. By using a publishing template, you can give your learning portal a unique identity to match your corporate branding and give a specialized edge to your portal.

Pre-defined publishing templates also help in minimizing errors by ensuring that you do not miss out on any important headings and sections.

Selecting a Publishing Template

Each project that you create in ClickLearn Studio has the Project (default) template applied to it. This template has some specific design patterns for different sections of the learning portal. This template is selected by default in the Publishing template drop-down list box in the Advanced properties section of a component.

Though you cannot modify the Project (default) template, you can create more publishing templates using this template as a base.

In case, you have created more publishing templates for the project, they are also listed in the Publishing template drop-down list box. You can select the appropriate one from the list to apply it to the component whose properties you are defining.

Creating a Publishing Template

You can create multiple publishing templates and choose to apply these to your learning portal as and where required. To create a publishing template, select the Create new template option from the Publishing template drop down list.

In the Add new configuration dialog box, type a name for the new publishing template in the CONFIGURATION NAME text box. Select the source for the new template in the CONFIGURATION SOURCE drop down list. By default, all new publishing templates that you create use the Project (default) template as the source. Click Save changes to create the template.

You can customize this template from the Publishing template screen from the project settings. On the Publishing template screen, there are options available for customizing the learning content. You add your company’s logo and branding details on the fields available on this screen.

You can view more details about the Publishing template screen in the Publishing mission.