Defining Properties and Languages for the Components

Learning objectives

  • Define the basic properties for the components in a structure
  • Add languages for the components in a structure



So, when we add these basic components that we talked about, is it also possible to customize these?

Definitely. We can define properties as well as add languages for these basic components easily in the Structure editor. Let me show you how you can do this.


Defining Properties for the Basic Components

When you add the basic components while creating a structure, you have the option to customize these as per your requirements. For example, you might want the Section that you add to reflect the company’s branding. You can set the section icon and color accordingly.

While adding the components to create a structure, you can define its basic properties in the right panel. Alternatively, you can define structure properties from the context menu of any component whenever required. Click the three-dot icon next to the component whose properties you want to modify. Select the Structure properties option to edit the properties in the right pane.

Editable Properties for Components


You can modify the title, select an appropriate icon and also the color for the same. ClickLearn automatically assigns a suitable icon when you add a section. However, you have the choice to choose from the available gallery of icons or upload an icon from your computer. While uploading an image for the icon, the dimensions should be 128*128 pixels.


For the Heading component, you can edit the title within the word limit of 50 characters.


You have the option to edit the description provided for the Text component. Type the new text in the Text field. The character limit allowed is 300 characters. You can click the Expand icon at the top of the Text field to enlarge it for ease of typing.


You also have the option to edit the hyperlink that you specified while adding the Hyperlink component to the structure of your learning portal.

You can also choose how you want to display the website specified as the Hyperlink in the Open hyperlink in field. You can choose from Open in new tab, Open in new window, or Embed in learning portal options.

It is also possible to customize the icon and color for the Hyperlink component just as you did while modifying the Section properties.


For the Divider component, you can choose from the Solid, Dashed, and Dotted divider types to give a suitable appearance to the content in your learning portal.

Defining Languages for the Structure Components

The language(s) that you had selected while creating the project will display in the Languages panel. Here, you can select which languages you want the structure components to be available in.

You can choose to use only the project default language for the components or can even use multiple languages for the selected component.  Select the appropriate language check boxes to make the required selection.