Importing an Existing Structure

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to import an existing Structure



Debbie, do I need to create a structure every time I create a new project?

No Edward, there is an easy way to save you the time and effort of creating a new structure for every project.


That would really help, can you show me how?

Sure, let me explain.


Importing an Existing Structure

By now, you know the entire process of adding a structure to your project. Every time you create a new project, you need not add a structure to it. You can import a structure created for any of the previous projects and use the same structure for the current project.

When you import a structure, all the components from the structure of that project will be imported to the current structure. In case you already added some components to the current structure, importing does not affect the current structure. It instead combines the components from both structures. This way, you can edit or remove the components that are not needed in the current structure. This saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on adding components from scratch.

Also, in case you have not added any components to the current structure, importing an existing structure makes it easier to complete the structure. You only need to add components if required. If satisfied with the structure, you can save and preview the new structure without any modifications.

To import a structure, select the menu icon beside Preview and Share, and select the Import Structure option.

In the dialog box that opens, you will be able to view all your projects and select a project from which you want to import the structure.

Apart from this, the dialog box also gives the options to sort, filter, and search the projects by the name or other properties. Since the projects are in a list view by default, there is also an option to view the projects in Grid view. Once you select the project from which you want to import the structure, click on Import, and you will be able to view the structure of the selected project.