Sharing Structure

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to share structure with your team
  • Understand the difference between preview, publish and share



Debbie, I want to share my structure with a teammate, how can I do it?

Do you mean to share the draft? Or the final version after publishing?


I don’t know about publishing, is it different?

Yes, let me explain the difference between publishing and sharing and show you how to share the structure.


Sharing Structure

Sharing the structure helps in a scenario where you want to show some of your team members the structure you have created for the project and take feedback from them. For this, you need to select the Share option and choose the format in which you intend to share the structure with your team members.

There are two ways to share the structure; in both these options, temporary links are generated and shared with the team members.

Let ClickLearn distribute - This option lets you send an email to the person with the link, which gives a preview of the portal. All you need to do is type the email id of the person with whom you want to share the preview of the structure.

I will distribute the link -This gives the option to generate the link and share it personally on any platform. When you select the language and click on Prepare, the system generates a temporary link that you can share with your team members.

Sharing the structure opens a page similar to preview or publish, which gives them a preview of the final output on the portal. This way, you can take feedback and suggestions from your team members before you publish the project.

Preview gives only you the ability to view the final output, whereas sharing the link enables you to share it with your team member, help them understand the structure, and take feedback.

How is it different from Publishing?

Publishing, which will be covered in a later mission, has a few more steps and details to be added. Even though the project can be edited after publishing, it takes time, and the team might have already viewed the project. With the share structure option, the structure can be shared with a select few team members, and once the feedback on the draft is received, you can make necessary changes before publishing the final project.