Setting Permissions on Project Folders

Learning Objectives

  • Get an overview of project folders and cloud folders 
  • Set permissions on project folders


Edward, when we create a new project in ClickLearn Studio, a folder structure for this project is also created on cloud.


So the project can be managed both from Studio as well as cloud?

Yes. Let me explain this in detail.


What are Project Folders?

When a user creates a new project in ClickLearn Studio, a similar folder structure is created on the ClickLearn cloud.  It is a well-organized folder structure with distinct folders for each component of the project, such as recordings, assets, and structure. These are known as project folders.  

Each time there is an update in the project in Studio, such as a recording or asset is added, the corresponding project folders are updated on the cloud as well. Note that only the recordings and assets that are created in the project will be updated on the portal. Any linked or referenced files are not included in the folder structure on the portal.  

This folder structure can be accessed by clicking the Recordings tab in the right panel on the portal. The Recordings page lists all the projects that have been created by different authors in an organization till date. You can use the Search icon to search for the project which you want to view. Click the project name to view the detailed structure for all project components.  

In addition, you can have multiple recording folders in a project and assign different permissions to each of these folders. This implies that even within a single project, authors may have different access rights and permissions. 

Project User Groups

Just like a predefined project structure is created on the ClickLearn cloud for each project, similarly predefined groups are created for each ClickLearn user role. You can view these groups by clicking the Groups tab in the right panel on the portal and add users to these groups. 

Setting up Folder Permissions

You can set user permissions on the project folders as well as individual folders. To set up the user permissions, click the 3-dot icon to access the context menu of the project or group folder and select the Permissions option.  

In the Permissions dialog box, the default user groups for the project are already displayed. You can assign these groups the required permissions from the drop-down list boxes. Any new user who is added to these user groups will automatically inherit the permission assigned for the group.  

For example, if the Author group has Add, Edit, and Delete permissions, any new author added to this group will have these permissions by default. These permissions can be modified anytime.  

You can also search and add individual user or groups and assign the relevant permissions to them. The new user or group will be displayed in the Users and Groups list.  

The permissions drop-down list includes the following permissions.  

  • Add: Add or Create anything in the folder for which permission is given. 
  • Author: Add+Edit+Delete+Read anything in the folder. 
  • Delete: Delete anything in the folder. 
  • Edit: Rename the folder or any recording in it. Can also edit recording in the folder. 
  • FullControl: Master role which includes setting permissions to that folder and Add+Edit+Delete+Read. 
  • Reader: Only read the folder and files. 

Assigning these permissions separately and not as a complete set will let you remove any of these permissions for a given user role if required later. For example, you assign Add, Edit, and Delete permissions distinctly to the Author user role. Later, you want to remove the Delete permission for the role. In this case, you can only choose to remove the Delete permission instead of removing the whole set and then assign Add and Edit permissions again.