Using Tasks to Plan Your Work

Learning Objectives

  • Use tasks to delegate and distribute work 
  • Manage work with multiple authors



I must say that ClickLearn has a user-friendly and efficient functionality to distribute tasks amongst team members.

You are right! To make the process even more effective, you can track tasks and activities in a project.


But what if two authors in a project need to perform tasks on the same recording? Can you explain how this can be done seamlessly?

Distributing Tasks

The key objective of collaborating on a project is to divide the main documentation project among the team members so that the project can be completed swiftly.  As the main author you can create and assign tasks to other authors whom you have invited to your project. 

For example, you created a recording for the process to add contact details of sales personnel in your organization. The interface for the application has been updated and you need to record certain steps again. In addition, you need to localize the recording to Danish language.  

You can assign these tasks to different authors from your team. The process for “Adding a Task” has been explained in detail in the “Understanding Tasks and Assignments” learning unit.  

While different authors work on tasks assigned to them, other team members can view the activities performed in the Activity Feed panel on the Tasks screen.  

You can also see the project activities performed by different team members in the Activity panel on the Recordings screen and when you click the Notification icon on the Studio left panel.  

Managing Work with Multiple Authors

There might be a situation where different authors have tasks assigned for the same recording in a project. However, only one author can work on the recording at a given time.  

When an author has a recording already open in Studio, the recording appears with a lock symbol on the Recordings screen. This means that the recording is currently checked out by another team member. If another author in the project tries to open the recording, a notification is displayed stating the author’s name who is currently working on the recording.  

The recording is then opened in a read only mode.  

Undoing Check Out for a Recording

At times, a team member who has been working on a recording may forget to exit the recording after saving the changes done by him. Another author who has a task assigned for the same recording is not able to open the recording in an editable mode. 

In such a situation, the author can undo checkout for the recording from the ClickLearn portal.  

To undo a checkout, navigate to the Recordings page on the portal. Open the Recordings folder to view the checked-out recording. Click the 3-dot icon next to the recording name to display the context menu and then select the Undo Checkout option.  

Doing Force Check in for a Recording

There might arise a situation where you made some changes to a recording. However, you forgot to save the changes and exit the recording. Meanwhile you closed the ClickLearn Studio with unsaved changes for the recording. 

To retrieve these changes, you can use the Force Check in option from the context menu of the checked-out recording on the portal. You should not use the Undo Check out option in this case as it will result in losing all changes done before saving the recording.  

Please note that you need to have administrator rights to view and use the Undo checkout and Force Check in options on the portal.