Understanding Tasks and Assignments

Learning Objectives

  • Get an overview of tasks and assignments  
  • Understand how tasks help in collaboration 


At times, while collaborating on a project with your colleagues, you may want to add a task in the project and assign it to your colleague in the team.


Yes. I do assign tasks and assignments to my documentation team. But it’s a pain to track these tasks. Also, sometimes it is difficult to explain what exactly needs to be done.

Let me show you how you can do all this with ease in ClickLearn Attain.


Creating Tasks

A task in a ClickLearn project could be anything like re-recording a particular step or replacing an asset used in the recording.  Further, you can select the category for the task, assign a priority to it, and explain what needs to be done in the task description. You can also link any elements or recordings that might be associated with the task.   

Adding a Task

To add a task to your project, navigate to the Recordings screen. Then, select the Add task option from the context menu of the recording.  

In the New Task dialog box, you can provide the task name and assign it to any team member by clicking the Add user icon below the task name box.

Further, you can assign a priority level to the task depending on its urgency to be completed.  The task can be related to any component of the project, such as recordings, assets, or structure. Select the appropriate type for the task in the Type drop down list. 

It is a good idea to explain what exactly needs to be done in the task in the Notes text box. Providing a brief description will help the author to have a clear idea before starting the task.   

Based on the task type selected by you, the Linked elements section displays links to associate other relevant project elements with the task.  

The tasks that you create are listed in the Tasks section in the panel on the right. You can click the task to edit it if required. In addition, you can click the Open all task icon to display the Tasks screen which lists all tasks currently added to the project.  

You can also add a task directly from the Tasks screen by clicking the Add a task link.  

Alternatively, simply select the Create task from activity option from the context menu of any activity on the Recordings screen.  

Marking a Task as Complete

You can select the checkbox next to the task name to mark it as complete in the Edit Task dialog box. When you do so, the task name is displayed as cancelled. 


You can also mark the task as completed by selecting the checkbox next to the task name on the Tasks screen. 

The Feed panel on the Tasks screen lists all the activities performed in the project in detail. You can also see the project activities performed by different team members in the Activity panel on the Recordings screen and when you click the Notification icon on the Studio left panel. 

Often, there might be a recording for a common process that is used across different projects. In this scenario, you can give a reference to this common recording from another project. Any changes that you make to the linked recording will be displayed in the External changes section on the Tasks screen.