Maintaining Versions

Learning Objectives

  • View and download previous versions of recording and assets. 
  • Restore a previous version of recordings and assets  
  • Disable versioning on folders 



So what if a user wants to view and download a previous version of any recording? Is it also possible to roll back to a previous version?

Edward, so when multiple authors collaborate on a project, we need to keep track of changes done by each author in the project. You can easily view these details in the version history on the portal. There is also an option available to download a version.


What if I do not want versions to be created for the recordings and assets?

You can simply disable versioning in this case.


View and Download Versions

All the projects created by different authors are listed on the Recordings screen of the ClickLearn portal. Navigate to the Recordings folder in the project for which you want to see the version history. 

To view all versions created for a recording, along with the details of each version, click the 3-dot icon next to a recording name to display the context menu. Select the History option from the context menu to view all the version details in the History dialog box.  

To download a version, select the Download option from the context menu and select the required option. This downloads the selected version in the predefined location on your computer.  

Similarly, you can view the version history and download a version for an asset by using the options in its context menu. Navigate to the Assets folder of a project. Access the context menu of the asset and select the required options.  

Enabling Versioning for Recordings

You have the option to enable or disable versioning for recordings in a project by modifying the project properties.  

Click the 3-dot icon next to the Recordings folder name to display the context menu. Select the Properties option to display the Properties dialog box for the Recordings folder.  

The Versioning Enabled toggle helps you to specify whether you want versions to be created for all recordings in the folder. In case you do want versions to be created every time any update is made to the recordings, disable the Versioning Enabled toggle.   

Click Save to save the changes. 

Restore Version in ClickLearn Studio

Edward, there might have been instances wherein you upgraded a recording, but later found some issues with the current version.


Oh yes! I have been in such situations many times, and due to the unavailability of the roll back feature, I had no choice but to do the changes manually.

Not anymore!! With ClickLearn Attain, you can easily choose to roll back to a previous version with just a click.


The Restore version option in the context menu of the recording helps you do so. This option is only displayed for upgraded recordings in which you have chosen to replace the previous versions.   

Select the version that you want to roll back to and click Restore.  

When you choose to restore a version, ClickLearn creates a new version of the recording with the contents of the version selected for restore. 

For example, the latest version of a recording is 1.4 and you choose to roll back to version 1.2. In this case, a new version 1.5 will be created for the recording with the contents of version 1.2.