Versioning in ClickLearn Attain

Learning objectives

  • Get an overview of versioning in ClickLearn Attain 
  • View and download versions of recordings and assets 


Edward, so when we invite multiple authors to collaborate on a project, we need to keep track of certain things.


Are you referring to the updates or modifications done by these authors in the project recordings.

Wow, you guessed it right in the first go. Let’s see what functionality ClickLearn Attain provides for versioning.


Versioning in ClickLearn Attain

When you are ready to publish content for the end users you might need to gather recordings from multiple authors into one learning portal. It might be possible that these recordings have been modified by different authors who are part of the project team. 

Good documentation is up to date according to latest updates and changes in the system and processes it documents. These changes might be for updating the steps in the recordings according to the software updates. There can also be some changes to implement some review feedback or add missing content.  

Similarly, there can also be updates in the assets that you have added to the project. For example, you might have added a Word document as an asset and then made some changes in the document. When you add the updated document again to the project, it creates a new version of the asset.  

Each version has a unique number that depicts that it is a different version of the same recording or asset, and the number assigned increase according to the latest updates. 

Versioning on ClickLearn Portal

All the projects created by different authors are listed on the Recordings screen of the ClickLearn portal. Each project folder has a predefined structure of folders inside it. The Recordings folder contains all the recordings in the project. The current version for a recording is listed in the Version column.  


Versioning for Assets

Just like versions are maintained for recordings in the Recordings folder on the portal, similarly versions are created and maintained for all assets added to the project. You can view the assets added to a project in the Assets folder of a project.