Setting up User Roles in Projects

Learning Objectives

  • Add new users on the ClickLearn portal 
  • Invite users to a project 


Edward, we talked about the different user roles in ClickLearn, and the permissions associated with them. We will now see how you can set up these user roles in ClickLearn.


Sure, lets discuss the process.

Creating Users on the ClickLearn Portal

The first and foremost step in collaboration is to set up the different user roles in ClickLearn. This is done by the administrator on the ClickLearn portal. 

The administrator creates the users on the portal and assigns them the appropriate role. Then you can invite the user to the project in ClickLearn Studio. You can invite as many users as you want to your project. 

Adding a User

When you receive the license for ClickLearn Attain from the ClickLearn customer success manager, a ClickLearn administrator for your organization is created on the portal. This administrator then has the responsibility to add other users to the ClickLearn portal. Once a user is added on the portal, you can invite him from the ClickLearn Studio to collaborate on a project.  While inviting a user to your project, you can also assign him the appropriate user role. 

To add a user, click the Users option from the left panel on the ClickLearn portal. On the Users screen, click the Add icon.  

In the Create dialog box, enter the required details for the user you are adding. You need to select the user role while adding the user. Also, if you want to include the user in certain user groups, you can select these groups in the INCLUDED IN GROUPS list.

By default, the tracking option is enabled in the Create dialog box. This means that all activities of the user will be tracked for projects to which the user is invited. If you do not want to maintain a record of the user’s activities, you can disable the ENABLE TRACKING option.  

Similarly, each user that you add has the permission to invite other users as authors to collaborate on a project. However, you have the choice to disable the option if you do not want the user to invite other users to a project.  

Adding Users in Bulk

If you need to add many users at one go, you have the option to add these in bulk. Select the Bulk add users option on the Users screen.  

In the Bulk add users dialog box, select the file which contains the details of the users that you need to add and click Validate. Note that you are only allowed to select only files in Excel or CSV formats.

Deleting Users

At times, you might need to delete a user who may no longer be a part of the organization. On the Users page, access the context menu for the user’s name and select the Delete option.   

Exporting Users

You might want to save the details of all users on the portal to your computer to view these later or share with someone who does not have access to the ClickLearn portal. You can use the Export users option to download all the users’ details in an excel sheet to your computer.  

Inviting Users

Once a user is added by the administrator to the ClickLearn portal, you can invite the user to your project to collaborate with your team of ClickLearn authors.  

In ClickLearn studio, click the Team icon in the left panel of the Projects screen to display the Team screen. The authors who are already a part of the current project are displayed on the Team screen. To invite new users from your team, click the Invite user button.  

You can enter the user details, such as name and email address in the Invite user dialog box.

Assigning Role-based Permissions

In the Invite user dialog box, you can also assign the suitable role for the new user. You can select from Administrator or Author roles to assign appropriate rights for the user. An administrator will have all the rights, such as creating, modifying, or deleting recordings from the project. On the other hand, a user with the Author role can only create and modify recordings.  

Manage roles

To manage user roles, click the Manage roles button on the Team screen. This displays the Roles screen that provides option for managing the user roles. You can click the user icon next to a user role to display the list of users in your organization.  

Select or search for the required participant to whom you want to assign the user role and click the “+” to add the user.